About Blue Tome

Our company was created in Homestead, Florida by Founders and Owners Arial and Esteban husband and wife. Like most other things, Blue Tome started with a passion and an idea and grew from that point on into what it is today.  Arial’s passion for books and all things literary and bookish inspires and drives the creative ideas, while Esteban is the master mind behind the scenes. We share our lovely home with two astonishingly smart fur babies, Zeus and Apollo.

Why the YA genre? It is full of wonder, first love, first heartbreak, passion, mystery and so much more. Experiencing the new all over again in each unique story is what we feel lures its fans. In some a lot of ways most of us can relate to a lot of the stories and characters in the YA genre. If you have a passion for other works, don’t discourage. We did promise continued surprises. We hunt down the best books, artists, and upcoming titles to create a unique universe in a box that will accelerate your new adventure into the unknown.

Blue Tome has taken us on our own wonderful journey so far! We have connected to a multitude bookish people, communities, fandoms, and just all around great people that share a common passion for books and all things bookish. Your continued interest and support has made it possible for this dream to become reality! We are excited for what the future holds

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Happy reading!
~Blue Tome