Blue Tome Box

Blue Tome Box provides you with a new quality experience in YA Subscriptions. We spend months carefully searching and procuring only the best and most anticipated YA books and bookish items. We tirelessly read through manuscripts, deliberate on and select our favorites. All subscription boxes will contain carefully selected items designed to launch you into your next YA universe! Each tiny universe contains one brand new YA book, 2 – 3 high quality bookish items, and 1 -2 surprise bookish keepsakes.

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Pick a plan that’s right for you. Plans range from 1 t o 12 month subscription. Remember the longer you sign up for, the more you save! Really it’s a no brainer. Note that automatic renewals occur with any selection. Cancel Anytime.

Pack & Ship

We lovingly pack your items  and all it’s contents into the Blue Tome Box. At some point after shipping your universe starts to take shape. We haven’t yet figured out how this works. Must be magic!


Self explanatory!

An exciting day indeed! Your brand new tiny universe is delivered right to your door! Don’t worry, the mail carriers have been trained in the delicate art of transporting tiny universes in a box.

WARNING: side effects may include but are not limited to negligence of daily obligations, anti-social behavior, and lack of sleep. If the problem persists do not seek professional help! You’re welcome.

Use code BLUETOME10 to receive 10% off your order!